Baker Hill Do Not Sell Request

The definition of “sell” in California is broad, including making personal information available to a third party for monetary or other valuable consideration. While we have reviewed many of the written contracts executed between us and our third party partners, we continue to engage in discussions with those third parties we share information with to limit their use of information to meet the business purpose criteria of the California Consumer Protection Act of 2018. 

We will honor your request as you direct us to in the boxes below. Should you change your mind and wish to opt-in, please submit a written request to us at: 

We may continue to share deidentified information with third parties after you submit your request. See our Privacy Policy. In addition, we rely upon key identifying fields to verify continued receipt of information we receive belongs to you and should not be sold. If you change your device, name, or any other contact information, please re-submit your request to opt-out of the sell of information to ensure we continue to honor your request.

We value you and your privacy.

- Baker Hill Management Team

In accordance with CCPA Regulations and the Baker Hill Privacy Policy, please fill out the form below, confirm your Do Not Sell status, and submit the form. Requests will be processed as quickly as possible. 

By checking this box, I request that Baker Hill does not sell my data to third-party vendors and partners.

If you would like to request your data or request record deletion, please use this form